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Nightmare: Caught in a Bubble

1:36 AM

Anima É Cuore Studios Artist
Laura Dickenson
The more I climb the darker it gets 
and yet I need to find it

Written by Jesus Figueroa

As I finally come back up from the deepest darkness of my own self, my own being, I come to realize that there is just too much darkness to go through. I struggle to be, I struggle to stay, I struggle to get higher, but there's no more light to guide my way. No hope of reaching heaven, no way to know how much more to climb.

I'm trapped in a bubble coming back up from the deepest darkest regions of my self. There is nothing to fear but fear itself, but there is plenty to fear from one true self, from dark urges, from disastrous regions, from an unknown in ones self that leads to violence and unpredictable pain.

Caught in a bubble, away from the rest. Trapped in the loneliness with nothing to do, with no distractions, with hate in ones heart, with mal-intent brewing.

No light to guide, no truth to follow, abandoned by hope. Tears are no comfort, laughter not found. Trapped in a mind, not knowing what to find.

Caught in a bubble, trapped in a dream. Believing or not that this can be real. Fooling the mind to find a happiness long forgotten. Caught in this small simple world I have wanted to be my own. Nothing to dream, only nightmares come true. When your trapped in a bubble and your struggling to breath.

Hurt more and more, all the pain and the suffering. I am not sad, but sadness I am. Home with no content. Afraid of nothing, not what you might find. In my mind lies all the answers, to questions never posed.

Slowly going insane, not crazy, but not well. More to the story, but to hurtful to tell. No sleep for the wicked, thus I am always awake. Slowly plotting the course, slowly wanting to take.

Farewell all this empty deep deserted spaces, farewell is all it may take.

Betrayed and alone, lonely and deserving.

So once more I'll try not willing to quite, once more to the nightmare, once more cause I'm weak.

I've traveled alone. I've come close to darkness. I've always survived, so whats changed now. Whats keeping me here, how can I keep going? Whats wrong with myself?

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