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Poem: Tears of Life

2:10 AM

Video from YouTube Channel: Kiria Hansen "Kiria and sister 'Hello' Cover"
This is the first YouTube video I feature. Kyria Hansen is an incredible person who looks to inspire people through her acting, theater work on stage and behind the scenes and her YouTube channel. With such a noble cause I wanted to feature her video. At first glance it was just another YouTube cover of an amazing song by Adele, but as I listened to through the video there's a Star Wars twist which shows creativity.I support the arts, music and the creativity which people care to express in any medium. Every story has an art, every painting has a form and everything together creates a work beyond what one mere medium can show. For this post I am glad to have the first YouTube video.
Anima É Cuore Studio Artist
Laura Dickenson
Written by Jesus Figueroa

Come find my world engulfed in flames
Come see this time we waste in vain,
Come once more to this place,
For nothing else would feel like grace.

So red my arms,
Warm and damp.

No more, 
No more, 
No forever more.

No time, 
No time, 
No fleeting time.

My life, 
My life,
My retched life.

Forever gone.
From drop of life,
To streams of red.

My heart runs dry.

I look up at my dark ceiling at night, when I can't sleep, and picture the stars. The stars comfort me because I can't help but feel at ease when I get the notion that you are somewhere out there laying under the same stars. I can't help but smile as I picture meeting you one day.

I listen to my heart beat as the music dies out. I can begin to hear your heart beat just in rhythm with mine. I begin to envision you there with me, comforting and caressing. I can feel your skin against mine, my arms around you, my hands holding yours and the slight adjustment my body would have to make so you would fit comfortably.

Then, I close my eyes and drift off to sleep, drift off to the land where I do know you, where I do see you, where I can hold you and where I don't have to be restless cause you aren't around. Will we ever meet in? I do not know, but as I lay my head down the only motivation I have to wake up the next morning and get out of bed is that of you. You being out there, somewhere, hoping to meet me too.

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