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Poems: One day, one room

2:13 AM

Art by Anima é Cuore Studio Artist
Laura Dickenson
This was all I ever dreamed of and I let it slip away

Written by Jesus Figueroa

I sit and stare, stare out at nothing. 

Why? I don't know. 

What is it all about? What is it all for? 

I myself have made life this exact moment. 

One room, one day is all life has becomes. 

Here and now, there and then.  

The quality of life is just how impressionable those rooms are. Or even better how impressionable the people in those rooms are. 

With you it seemed that trapped in this room was good. 

One day we were trapped in one room and we got closer than what I could have ever imagined and  
why? I don't know. 

Why you? I don't know. 

Why me?, I don't know. 

But as I leave this room I look forward to one day, one room with you.

I've sat up night after night thinking about us.

I can remember your eyes as they looked into mine. I can still smell the sweet scent of your hair.

The tears come down my cheek the more I think of you. I found you and I lost you and I never knew exactly why.

I've missed you and I dream of you. I always have you on my mind.

The night reminds me of that night, that one kiss, that one moment, that one flower but a lifetime of memories. I hope the stars above shine down on you as well.

So I look on, I go forward and hope that one day you and I will be together once again.

So I say goodnight and hope you can hear me somehow. You are forever a part of me and forever I will carry the thought of you in my heart.

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