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Poems: A Stranger Dream

4:30 PM

I sit and think of what we were 
and realize you are only in my mind
and I'm the only one who ever cared

Art by Anima é Cuore Studios Artists
Laura Dickenson
By Jesus Figueroa

Sitting here is all too weird. 
Waiting here is all I can do. 
A love so powerful it will not die, 
a time so long it makes me cry. 

So who is this man you see?! 
What is this?! 

This dream I dream. 
A stranger dream I've never known, 
A girl I've found to call my own. 

I'm too silent, 
I'm too dark, 
I'm in too deep to be left apart. 

I've come to see that this my dream, 
Is stranger now or so it seems. 

I've lived and loved, 
and long since forgotten. 
I've cried, 
I've wept, 
I've suffered in silence. 

I think, 
I ask, 
I love regardless. 

My soul it sings 
and brings you closer. 

My heart it calls to you my dear. 
So what of this love, 
What of this feral heart, 
Is it to last, or fall apart.

A risk I'll take, 
A pain I'll endure,
Just to see your face again. 

Your eyes, 
Your lips, 
Your flowing hair. 
The curl of your lips as you smile and stare. 

A love so deep, 
A love I'd lost, 
A heart so true it's found a cause. 

I've seen the night, 
I've felt the rain, 
But this, my love, is not the same. 

I cannot see, 
I've come to close, 
But forever now, 
I love you most. 

Can this I say be true? 
Can all I dream come true. 

I wake now, 
From this strange dream, 
Waking now and wanting to scream. 

I've lost this love, 
At least for now. 

Today will end, 
The night will come, 
And again I'll pray 
For a stranger dream than yesterday.

This room confines me and yet I stay here. Here is where you will find me and here is where I shall always stay as I search my mind to find you.

I've known no one who has ever reached the beauty of you and in time I've found that this idea, this thought, this beauty which I have inside which keeps me yearning for you keeps me being the hopeless romantic.

I know how I keep going, but I don't know how to keep fooling my mind to believe you are real.

The world outside can be so cold and the world in my mind keeps taking you away. The light which keeps your innocence away from the darkness of my thoughts grows weak and with it my hope in reaching you. I fade to black with the dying ember of your memory. I fade into the darkness..the dreams.

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