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Stories, Poems, Nightmares: Welcome to my world

9:32 PM

Who I am...

There's nothing more frightening than letting others see exactly who we are

Written by Jesus Figueroa

Today things changed.

Who I was is no longer who I am and I have realized that.

The world has changed me, I'm not sure if its for the best.

I'm just a guy out here in this world. I'm not impressive in size. I don't stand out, but I'm not a typical human being. I'm not afraid to say things as I see them, have my own opinions or research that which I don't really understand.
I hope that through my writings you will get to know me, through these short stories, long stories, prose, poems and everything else you will get a sense of who I am.

There will be points in time when music can say what is on my mind better than any words I can express. From a young age I have been able to write well, express myself well through words and have been a storyteller.

I've learned better vocabulary to adequately be able to explain myself. There's no better way for me to be able to tell you what I am thinking more than through stories.

Day after day, moment after moment, I spend so much time in the darkness of my room typing and relaying my thoughts through cryptic words. I always wonder if people really know me, if friends would stay if they know what was on my mind or if I would be able to have my liberty if I shared my thoughts.

The world we live in wants us to believe that we have freedom to be what we want, but in reality anyone who is not conforming to the way of life that has been established doesn't last. I'm real, I'm somewhere out there. Somewhere on this earth. I don't think my age matters, there's nothing that makes me more important because I've spent a few years more or less on this earth.

I write so much hoping something I write will help, will inspire or will just entertain anyone. I want this story to be able to be told around the campfire, at the dinner table and among friends. This I hope will reach you, will capture your attention and will somehow enlighten you.

In a sense this will be my diary. This will be my story. This will be how I share my world with all of you. Welcome to my world, welcome to my reality.

If there's anything you wish to know just ask, if there's anything that interest you just let me know and if ever anything needs clarifying reach out and I will be happy to clarify things for you.

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