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Stories: Come Away With Me

2:18 AM

Written by Jesus Figueroa

Music: "Come Away With Me" by Norah Jones
This song started playing one night and brought some inspiration to write, so since the story was inspired by this song I decided to post so those who read it can get into the mindset and mood.

Anima É Cuore Studio Artist
Laura Dickenson
Today, I was exhausted as I got into bed in the middle of the day. The sun was still up and it looked hours away from setting. I stared at the Los Angeles horizon for hours as the sun moved down the sky.

You came to me. Your hair flowing, your eyes locked on mine and you placed your head on my chest as you joined me in bed. Softly your voice started and I could feel the vibration on my chest as you spoke. It was quiet, but your voice is all I could hear. You spoke about music, you spoke about talent, you spoke about passion and I understood it all.

I ran my hands through your hair and dreamt of your talents. I started to hum a tune as I heard every sweet word roll off your tongue. Slowly I felt your voice go faint until all I felt was the soft breath as you slept.

In a soft whisper I sang into your ear and saw your lips curl as you began to smile. Tears rolled down my cheeks and I captured the moment in my mind.

I saw the sun hit the horizon, but before I can see the sky change colors and go dark I fell asleep. I was so tired I didn't even feel you leave in the night. I woke up in the middle of the night, alone. I stared out into the darkness and didn't even know if you had been some sweet dream.

As I closed my eyes I could still smell your delicious smell in the air. How I wish you could come away with me, how I wish you could stay, but for now the sweetest dream of you will have to do. A dream so vivid I could feel you, hear you, smell you and carry you always in my heart.

I look forward to a happily ever after, a smile that won't leave. As I drift back to sleep I can feel you seep into everything I am. Today has been stressful, but with you being a part of everything I am my life is complete.

You, you I haven't met. You, you I don't even know. Are you out there. The Stars have come out over LA. Are you seeing them too? Can I be living so close to you and not even know? For now I can live happy knowing that you are out there somewhere.

Goodnight to the woman of my dreams, a woman so fantastic my brain could have never made her up. I will find you one day, I will hold you one day and I will never, never let you go again.

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