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Anima É Cuore Studio Artist Laura Dickenson
The distance which came between us was made by a mindset

Written by Jesus Figueroa

For days I've spoken to her. She's younger than me, but we seem to understand each other more than I could have ever expected. She is beautiful, inside and out. When we talk it's unlike anything I've experienced before with anyone. It's still a shock that someone with such talent, such passion, such a view on life could get along with me so well.

But a fence divides us and keeps us apart. A three feet tall brick fence with nothing to stop us from passing it if we tried. Still, we don't talk in person. We give a faint stare and a gentle wave of the hand and go our separate ways.

An invisible cord connects us. On that device which joins us, it's more than a faint wave, more than a failed attempt at a good morning. It's magic.Through this device our souls touch, our minds play and our voices reach deep within our bodies to a place no one knows and bring out emotions we had never known before.

But still in the light of day if we ever meet it's as cold as ice, as emotionless as two robots. No one would understand. To everyone I would be just the older man and she is just the young prey. It's still that which the world would see. It can't see you and it cant see me, not together. It can't see two hearts shared as one through trust, through admiration and through a love so true that the words are never needed.

we have become more than a story told through the ages as the greatest love or romance ever written about, but you and I won't be written about. We have shared our two crazy stories and found a similarity and commonality which no other stories have shown, but you and I cannot be. We won't be two more lovers dead by desire because true star-crossed lover we are. We will be two soulmates alive for love.

It's so easy to die for a fake love. It's so difficult living for a true love, a love which isn't selfish and a love which asks not for love in return but rather seeks happiness.

I'll look at your beautiful eyes day after day. I'll smile in my heart time after time. I'll cry night after night, but I'll live. I'll live because I know you are out there. I'll live because I know you are happy. My heart will grow fonder and and my soul will always feel complete, although my life will never feel whole.

Because that fence divides us. Time splits us apart. Society puts us miles away. I'll reach out my hand. I'll smile and wave. I'll bow my head ever so slightly. I'll respect you as you should be. Then, I'll let you be as happy as you can possibly be, away from me. I'll live for you always. My love for you eternal.

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