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12:23 PM

I learned long ago not to change for anyone, people will love you for who you are and hate you for it as well

Written by Jesus Figueroa

My dream girl, I'm not sure she exist. I'm not sure she's real. I will slay every dragon to get to my princess.

Her lovely flowing hair, the look in her eyes behind her hands which she tries to hide behind. The
perfection I have always felt as I held her in my arms.

I'm not sure what I'm to do, I'm not sure how I'm to survive.

One night I met her, one night I fell in love, but that night has long since past.

One day I came and she left me. Broken hearted and self destructive.

I am still here, I won't go away. The tears in my eyes fall to the ground like rain drops from the sky.

She is my poison, but she alone is my cure.

I'm alone searching for her, but as long as she's out there, I know I'll stay alive.

One day I shall see if this was all real or if it was all a dream. I wasn't what you wanted then and I haven't changed now.

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