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6:06 PM

As the rain falls it washes away whats on the surface and reveals that which lies underneath

Written by Jesus Figueroa

Everyone is obsessed with how things look — the newly painted houses, the freshly cut lawns and the brand new cars.

Inside the house lies the truth — the leaks, the crack and all the imperfection. The family that lives in shambles being closed curtains so no one can see them.

That's the life we know, or refuse to acknowledge. What we keep locked away, what we keep hidden, what we don't talk about even though everyone in the neighborhood can hear it. There aren't walls thick enough to hide what these families do. There aren't enough excuses to tell ourselves to justify what happens.

Imperfection is tainted when a storm hits. The rain comes down and test that structure, that paint and the traction that helps keep moving everything forward. It traps the perfect family in and test the durability of what they have built.

Some storms come in and take everything away, some leave families in ruins and others leave death and destruction.

That's when we are tested the most, that's when we cannot make any more excuses, that's when we wish we never had made any excuses and fixed the problem. By then, it's too late. What was once there is gone, what remains is tainted and what we have truly built is exposed for all to see.

This is the life behind the walls of new paint. This is the strength behind that perfect structure. These are the stories behind closed doors. This is the true cost of the brand new perfect car.

Things are not as it seems, when people strive to show perfection with what can be destroyed in one perfect storm.

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