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1:36 AM

I haven't written something like this in awhile, 
so I guess I'll do it now since I can't sleep

This is dedicated to the you, who knows me well enough to know that yes this is about you

Written by Jesus Figueroa

I am not okay.

I have been away from you for too long and it drives me insane.

I've done so much to try and keep myself occupied, but it's all failed.

I am miserable without you and my days seem so long. I can't stand it anymore.

So here I am again. I have returned once more. Still I feel like I never left.

You are still the force which leads my life. You are still the heart that pumps the essence through this body.

I've been back to that place we once knew, I've been back to that place where we once called ours.

It's still comfortable and I can still feel you there.

I'm sorry if I can't let you go. Those eyes still look at me and I can't help but look at them yearning. Those lips are still there and I still hear every word which flows out. Those hands are still there and I can still feel the temptation to hold them once again.

But at the end, I'm still there alone. I am still there without you. You are forever in my heart. I will always love you.

This is dedicated to the one I love, the one whose memory helps me get out of bed every day. The one who sat with me many days and nights, who held me, who helped me.

This is dedicated to you. Although I'm sure you are out there, I hope this reaches you, I hope it does not offend you, I hope it does not burden you.

All I want to do is let you know that I created this perfect woman in my head one day and through the years wrote to her knowing she was just in my mind.

Then one day I met you, I met a woman who I could have never dreamt of because this woman was more perfect than a dream girl. This woman was more than any mind could ever make up. Those imperfections which make her perfect could never be comprehended without experiencing them.

So this is for you, the woman who is more than any beautiful dream I could have ever conjured up. This is for the one I love.

You will own my heart forever.

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