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2:11 AM

Written by Jesus Figueroa

Story Time has made it so that the side of my personality called Thisfunktional has a place to show itself.

Thisfunktional started years back, around 1998, when setting up my first real email account, MySpace page and online presence.

Even as a youth I posted stories up on My Space and was a storyteller.

Dysfunctional always seemed to fit me, it seemed to embody my persona, not just my personal life, but it also seemed to say so much about the way I saw the world.

The term dysfunctional said so much and embodied things, but it wasn't quite what I wanted. It needed to say more.

When my brother purposely wrote it as Thisfunktional it clicked and made sense. This functional made sense because of the functionality of it. It's crazy and chaotic because of the similarity to dysfunctional, but it functioned in a way to be more, to indicate that it was working and that it served its purpose because it was functional, ThisFunktional was born (Throwing funk in there seemed like just an extra fun touch).

ThisFunktional needed to represent that in a crazy chaotic world there was still purpose.

From that point there were two personalities, which still live today. There is the personality that people in my personal life know and then there's the online personality which has been named Thisfunktional.

It's not a character and it's not a fake person, but rather it's a part of me. It's a different side. It's what everyone sees. It's the writer, the twitterer, the podcaster, the person in front of the camera, the one in the public eye and the storyteller.

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