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2:30 AM

"Imperfection" instrumental performed by Kyria Hansen. I heard this song played in January 2016. It caught my attention because even thought it sounds solemn, the feeling this song gives the listener is positive and hopeful. It's a beautiful song which helps bring me out of the grumpiest mood.

Anima É Cuore Studio Artist
Laura Dickenson
Written by Jesus Figueroa

I planted a tree in your name to show you what our love could be. That tree grew into a forest, because our love was that strong. That forest could never be torn down.

So, it grew and populated the world. For our love was that pure.

That world prospered. For our love would not die, but in this note I'll tell a lie. For we could not be.

In this tale I'll live on, I'll save lives, and I'll make you strong.

But that tree will prosper, because my blood drained to it. My blood gave it power.

When my heart did finally shattered the pieces fertilized the soil around the tree. In the middle of the forest lies my lonely simple tree that once grew for thee.

I can still remember
how you smiled
When you said my name.
And how your eyes
Look sad
As we had to say goodbye
even just for the night.

The soundtrack of our love
The way our souls collide
The infinite melody
Of our everyday
Of our extraordinary lives

Can you hear me in the night sky,
Can you see me in every light?

If I told you
I love you
Would you still think its sweet.
If I saw you at midnight,
Would you still feel complete.
Can I give you the strength
To surpass all your fears.

Would my tears be enough,
To prove I was wrong.
Would forever be a promise,
Or would it be wrong.
Can a princess need a prince,
Or just find a song.
Can you look me in my eyes,
And say goodbye.

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