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Eve 6 - "Here's to the night" is another song from a while back that just brings back memories. In life there's heartache, there's lessons to learn and moments that define who we are and what we are to become. To all those who understand that pain, be strong.

Because all we knew was goodnight,
knowing tomorrow would break our hearts

Written by Jesus Figueroa

Drawing by Anima É Cuore Studios Artist
Laura Dickenson
In our heads are those memories, those moments I would not trade for anything. Moments that we shared, that we were together, that we dreamed a better dream, that we lived a better life and that you and I were us in the moonlight.

You are a part of all those memories, but still I love you. I sit at the edge of my bed in the dark of night and relive those moments that I could smile, that I could laugh, that I could kiss you and that you would be in my arms.

Here's to those moments and those places. Here's to the tears I cried, the moments of silence and the way you stayed with me forever. It's not for a day, it's not for a moment and not only for a memory, but for ever because in my heart you'll always have a home. You are part of my every fiber and every part of my essence.

We knew it would hurt, we knew it would be difficult, we knew where we would be and still we took to it and made it for more than that night. So I raise my head and brush my tears when I acknowledge that you are all I think about.

So here's what I've learned, after so many years, such a long distance, such a strange journey.

It's not the amount of people that surround you, it's not the fancy places you go, it's not the expensive things you get, life and love is the amazing, beautiful and talented person that will always be in my heart.

So I raise my glass, sitting here, with two ice cubes and whiskey half gone, I thank you, wherever you are, for allowing me to know you and feel you. My glass shining in the moonlight as I hope that you are sleeping somewhere out there, comfortable and safe, and that one day this force, love, stronger than any other force on this planet will lead me back to you, one day.

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