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"Both of Us" by B. o. B. Featuring Taylor Swift is a fantastic song which combines two great voices and does it with lyrics which can reach the hearts of romantics and dreamers alike.

Anima É Cuore Studio Artist
Laura Dickenson
Written by Jesus Figueroa

There's more to life than one can even begin to dream. Because in the dream it's only for one's own pleasure. So, real life can become a nightmare or it can be sweet and easy. It all depends on who we are.

I write to you tonight because I feel we, as humans, don't have the time we wish to explain our actions. We don't always get what we want and we lose the people we most care about. Through all this time, through all this space between us, I still love you.

I'm not selfish enough to hold you back and I'm sorry for the way things have gone. For all the choices that I've made have been for us. Even as you are miles away.

I'm not the person that could have stuck by your side. I'm not the one who could have stayed by and watched you give up every dream you ever had. I just hope that through it all you are the happiest you could possibly be.

I still love you to this day. I still hold you in my heart. I still remember the soft of your skin and I still close my eyes and think of you when times get tough. And I hope you are happiest.

I watched you grow and encouraged you to be better and greater. So it's no surprise to me that you are the success you are. I held you up and never let you come back down, until one day you learned to fly and I couldn't follow where you had to go.

My arms still yearn to hold you once more. I never tired of being your support. I always saw the greatness in your eyes. I smiled and held back tears as I saw you go.

Still today I think of you and smile, with tears in my eyes, a pain in my heart, but wanting you to be the happiest no matter where you are. You set your head to the sky and your eyes to the stars. As you took off, I knew you'd never come back down.

So I hope your happy, wherever you are and that you know that we had to say goodbye, so you can fly, because you set your eyes to the sky and I couldn't go.


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