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"The Sound of Silence" performed by Disturbed captures a strong feeling that I've always felt in silence and in darkness. It's not a fear nor is it a calm, it's a stronger emotion which is captured by the song. Fantastic cover from a band that has incredible music.

So in darkness I live and in it I feel OK

Written by Jesus Figueroa

Anima É Cuore Studio Artist
Laura Dickenson
In bed I lie with only darkness to comfort me. I share this large bed with darkness as I take only a small corner of the bed. I have been here so many times staring out at my only companion, the darkness. I stare into it and I find exactly what I've always needed.

There's nothing more terrifying than staring into the darkness and knowing that I stare right into my own soul. The darkness wraps around me and my eyes gently close. This is where I belong. As I open my eyes to see that the darkness stretches as far as my eyes can see. There's no end to it as I can't seem to find an edge to it.

So I close my eyes and I squeeze them tight, slowly a tear runs down my face. This year escapes me, but what replaces it is visions of her. Why must she always haunt me when the world has gone. The only comfort I get is that of the darkness always being there to catch me and hide me when the rest of the world has gone. Then she comes in and I'm as vulnerable as I've ever been.

I'm caught in this darkness with my heart racing. There's nothing I can do. There's no where left to go. With the darkness comes the silence and nothing. What a fearful moment when there is no more.

I clench my fist, grind my teeth and squeeze my eyes closed harder not allowing one single tear more to take another part of her essence. With the darkness taking the world I can't let it take her too. She's in me, she's a part of me.

The world engulfed in darkness and she stays with me. Only our love remains. Even when I find myself left in darkness and silence.

Hearts may get broken, LOVE endures.

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