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Stories: I'M NOT THE ONE

1:46 AM

Anima É Cuore Studio Artist
Laura Dickenson
Sometimes showing emotion is the hardest thing for me to do

Written by Jesus Figueroa

I'm not the one you dream about and want. I'm just not the person you desire. I'm not the one you crave on the cold, lonely nights because your mind is always somewhere else. I'm not the one you've dreamt of since you were 15. I'm not the one women want, because women have never noticed someone like me.

How can you love someone who you never even met, how can you when you don't even give it a chance. How can you know me, when you look right through me every single time. How can you find the nice guys when all you look for is the trouble guys bring. How will you ever find what is best for you, when you only go for the worst.

I'm not the one you look at with excitement in your eyes.

I'm the one who makes you smile when the world seems so lost. I'm the one who held you as you cried. I'm the one who has always been there. I'm the one who stood up for you when no one would. I'm the one who looks at you with innocent wonder and the one who never judged you. I'm the one who cared no matter what and who never let you suffer alone. 

I'm the one who never lied to you. I'm the one who did everything possible to see you smile. I'm the one that's helped no matter how wrong you were and the one who had your back even when we didn't agree.

I'm the one you left because he couldn't handle the friendship we shared. I'm the one who always cared, but I'm not the one who said goodbye. I'm just the one who cried when you walked away that one last time.

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