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2:11 AM

Written by Jesus Figueroa

So I have begun to write more and more personal stories and poems and slowly began to push away the idea of sharing them because of the personal nature of the stories. I am not one to preach and not one to share such personal points of view out there.

The #WhoIsThisfunktional series has become a way to fill in the blanks for those of you who read these and don't know who I am in my personal life.

I recently had an interview which changed my perspective on the way I view my goals and my writing.

I began my journey early as I have always wanted to tell stories. I began wanting to, like many people, entertain. Then a sense of selflessness went through me and I wanted to do more than entertain, I wanted to connect. It wasn't a connecting between me and the reader, I wanted something more universal, a connection between everyone.

I'm sure I'm not the first to be heartbroken, the first to cry, the first to have questions which will never be answered or even the first to want to unite people. I just have been wanting to find a way to do that.

Now I challenge myself, a bigger challenge than any of which I have had before. I challenge myself to do more, to share more and to be more open.

I sat with a friend at a restaurant talking about experiences I am not comfortable talking about, of course I skipped over some moments which scare even me.

I began to write once again. I began to describe things more. I began to push myself to not only remember moments in my life, but to deal with them in a real way.

Few people know all my stories and even fewer know the ones which have formed who I am. Those stories are the once which keep me up at night. I can't sleep most of the time because my mind keeps replaying moments that are crucial in my existence.

Those who have heard a portion of my story encourage me to write a book. For the first time I think they may be right. I need to write it for selfish reasons, but I need to write it for selfless reasons as well.

My writing here may suffer, or maybe I can just share some stories as I make progress. Maybe I can incorporate some of the fiction I write into highlighting some of the true events, or maybe I can go all out and create this world I lived for all of you in an entertaining manner. My story is something of a book and the journey has many aspects.

I thank you all for reading what I have written, I appreciate the emails and any comments. If there is anything people want to hear about I am more than happy to include in my writing or even post a separate piece here.

Thank you to everyone.

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